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ORA-00443 / ORA-00445 or Process LMD0 died

Posted by ssgottik on 12/11/2013

kjmdmi: pmon timed out in attaching.

When you try to start the one of the instance in RAC and you may encounter below details in the alter log and the instance statup gets terminated :

Thu Oct 10 10:38:29 2011
Process LMD0 died, see its trace file
USER (ospid: 45968): terminating the instance due to error 443
Instance terminated by USER, pid = 45968

If you check the LMDn trace file you will get the actula erro:

$ vi orcl1_lms0_45968.trc

kjmdmi: pmon timed out in attaching.


There is a problem with the LDAP configuration such that the LDAP names resolution is failing, but there is no other naming resolution method defined in sqlnet.ora.

This was logged as Bug 7599912 INSTANCE STARTUP OPERATION FAILED; however this was closed as Not a Bug. This is a configuration issue.


Check whether there is any ldap.ora found in ORACLE_HOME.


If any backup and remove them to reconfigure the LDAP.


Add another names resolution method, such as TNSNAMES:


Reference Doc :

LDAP: ORA-00445: background process “LMD0” did not start after 120 seconds (Doc ID 752758.1)


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