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I am Satish.G.S working as an Oracle DBA for an MNC in Bangalore,India.I want to share my part of experience on Oracle database. please keep your comments coming in….

My other areas of interest other than ORACLE DBA are Agriculture and sports.

Thanks and Regards,


2 Responses to “About”

  1. kishore said

    HI Satish

    We have implemented Golden gate on 11G. Things worke dbeautfully for 3 months. However for the last 15 days, the replication lags by an hour at times. This happens randomly and not at the same time every day. The rest of the time the process is working perfectly. We do not see any issues in the logs. We are using one direction primary to replication database and are using three replicats.

    Can you help us with this. We will pay for the services.


    • ssgottik said

      Hi Kishor,

      As you said the lag use to happen on a particular time, please check with your network team about the network packet drops during that particular time.

      As replication was working fine in all other time stamp. You may suspect about network.

      Thanks and Regards,

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